April Fitness Challenge – BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP

Strength training for adults and kids is paramount to any workout program. Whether your goals are to improve your posture, balance, core strength, or simply strengthen your upper body, the one exercise that will help is the push-up

Traditionally, each one of my classes will usually have a few students who are push-up masters. They’re often the students who are gymnasts, study a martial art form, or they’re just extremely active and possibly practice push-ups at home.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.06.42 PM

However, many students (and many adults) simply haven’t developed the necessary muscle strength to fulfill a proper push-up, and this is fine. After all, we can’t teach them to run before they can walk. There are several simple exercises that can assist kids and adults in developing their strength, allowing them to eventually perform a perfect traditional push-up.

The Build a Better Push-up challenge can be used at any time as a 30-day challenge. I purposely didn’t add an April calendar. Instead, I included a generic log for including 30 days.

This Build a Better Push-Up challenge serves as a tool for students to develop the necessary strength to complete one, even several push-ups with precise form.

The challenge includes a link to a video tutorial for each of the nine exercises.

Remember! This challenge isn’t just for kids! I encourage adults to take it as well! 

Click April’s Build a Better Push-up with QR code for a copy of the challenge.

Click April’s Build a Better Push-up With Active link for a copy of the challenge.

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