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Here’s a simple warm-up for your PE classes called SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO! The challenge can be sent home or done during PE class. At Home: Students can complete 1-2 words per day. Can they fill the entire card? At School: Organize your students… Continue Reading “SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO”

BRAIN and BODY BOOST – 25 Day Challenge

I’m sending my students into the summer break with the BRAIN and BODY BOOST 25-day challenge! The challenge includes 17 recommended physical activities along with “BRAIN BOOSTS”, which are specific ideas and variations for each physical activity. Click BRAIN and BODY BOOST for access… Continue Reading “BRAIN and BODY BOOST – 25 Day Challenge”


If you’re like me, you want to teach your students and your own kids the importance of healthy habits at a young age. Healthy habits are behaviors that are beneficial to one’s physical or mental health, often linked to a high level of discipline… Continue Reading “HEALTHY HABITS BINGO”

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