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October’s FITNESS SPOOKTACLE – 30-Day Challenge

It’s once again time to Flourish with Fitness by taking October’s Fitness Spooktacle fitness challenge. The Fitness Spooktacle consists of three separate workouts. Each workout is represented by one of three spooky Halloween images; a jack-o’-lantern, a skeleton, and a vampire bat. On the exercise calendar, each day is… Continue Reading “October’s FITNESS SPOOKTACLE – 30-Day Challenge”

Start the School Year “Write!” – 30 day fitness challenge

It’s once again time for our students to Flourish with Fitness by taking the Start the School Year Write fitness challenge. This challenge offers a unique combination of physical exercises to promote strength and endurance, as well as writing and educational challenges to help stimulate the mind… Continue Reading “Start the School Year “Write!” – 30 day fitness challenge”

Active Ways for 30 Days – Another 30-Day Challenge

I’m sending this challenge to our students as they enter the summer break. It’s simply a resource to use for ideas. Each square has a direct link to a Youtube video of the listed activity. Feel free to use it as a June fitness… Continue Reading “Active Ways for 30 Days – Another 30-Day Challenge”

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