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Active Ways for 30 Days – Another 30-Day Challenge

I’m sending this challenge to our students as they enter the summer break. It’s simply a resource to use for ideas. Each square has a direct link to a Youtube video of the listed activity. Feel free to use it as a June fitness…

Star Wars – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I had a few people ask for an updated Star Wars Fitness challenge. So, back by popular demand, here is the “2020┬áMAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” fitness challenge! Along with an improved look and a couple of different exercises, the biggest change is…

30 Random Acts of Fun for ANY TIME!

Keeping Kids in Motion is rolling out another 30-Day Challenge for the month of May. Students will have a choice of 30 Random Acts of Fun, which can be completed in any order. Here are a few notes about the Random Acts of Fun┬áchallenge:…

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