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30 DAYS of THANKS AND PLANKS – November Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to Flourish with Fitness throughout the month of November? If so, then it’s time for 30 DAYS of THANKS and PLANKS!  Why plank exercises? Plank exercises strengthen the core. Core muscles help to support the body and allow us to use our arms and…

10 Halloween Games for PE

Each year, around October 15th, my students in 1st-5th grades begin asking for Halloween games in PE.  They love the excitement of dimming the lights, listening to spooky music while playing a variety of games with a Halloween twist. They also appreciate a good…

The Race to 200 – An EXTREMELY Motivating, TEAM Running Challenge

I’m always searching for ways to motivate my students to run. I struck gold several years ago when I first introduced the Race to 200. The premise is simple. How long will it take the entire class to run a combined total of 200 laps?…

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