October’s “Fitness is Spooktacular” Fitness Challenge

It’s once again time to Flourish with Fitness by taking October’s Fitness is Spooktacular fitness challenge

Fitness is Spooktacular consists of three separate workouts. Each workout is represented by one of three spooky Halloween images; a jack-o’-lantern, a skeleton, and a vampire bat.

On the calendar, each day of the week is highlighted by one of the three images. For example, October 1st has an image of a jack-o’-lantern. Therefore, on that day, students complete the jack-o’-lantern workout. A student’s level of spook (level of fitness), determines how many rounds of the workout he/she completes. Students write their initials on the calendar each day they complete the workout. At the end of the month, they add up the total number of days completed, have their parents sign the bottom of the calendar and return it to a PE teacher for a certificate and shoe token.

By using the editable copy of the fitness challenge, you can add or substitute exercises that fit your students.

Click Fitness is SPOOKTACULAR – October for an editable copy of the challenge.

Click Fitness is SPOOKTACULAR – PDF for a PDF version of the challenge (this locks in the formatting).

Click Fitness-is-spooktacular-certif.-pdf for a copy of the completion certificate.

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