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Here’s a simple warm-up for your PE classes called SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO! The challenge can be sent home or done during PE class. At Home: Students can complete 1-2 words per day. Can they fill the entire card? At School: Organize your students… Continue Reading “SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO”

SPRING FLING FITNESS MAX – The perfect challenge for April

Spring is here! It’s time to revamp our fitness. The SPRING FLING FITNESS MAX consists of 3 exercises; the low plank, the wall sit, and jump rope. Click the picture for access to the challenge. Mission: Try to improve the maximum amount of time you can perform… Continue Reading “SPRING FLING FITNESS MAX – The perfect challenge for April”

EMBRACE THE STRIDES OF MARCH! – March Fitness Challenge

  In an effort to bolster my goals as a physical education teacher and serve the needs of my students, I deliberately introduce various ways to keep kids’ minds and bodies healthy. Naturally, the monthly Keeping Kids in Motion Fitness and Nutrition Challenges help me accomplish… Continue Reading “EMBRACE THE STRIDES OF MARCH! – March Fitness Challenge”

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