SIX in a ROW- a new board game featuring fitness and one vs. one challenges!

I think you and your family will enjoy our newest creation called SIX in a ROW! 

The object of the game is to be the first player to place six-game chips in a row or diagonally by completing either a fitness task or by competing against another player when landing on a challenge icon! What’s a challenge icon?

See the detailed directions below! Also included are game chips. Simply print out the page and cut out the pieces. What a great way to work on fine motor skills! BINGO chips work as well.

Click SIX in a ROW for a COLOR copy of the challenge!

6 in a row Board

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.09.16 PM

Game Chips

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12 Comments on “SIX in a ROW- a new board game featuring fitness and one vs. one challenges!

  1. Do we have permission to share your resources with parents of the whole school during this time?

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      • Justin, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with teachers during this time of uncertainty!!! After almost 25 years of teaching I’ve been anxious about how to engage my students with learning from home. This activity is so awesome and simple for families to complete that it helped to fire up my own creative juices and helped to remind me that I CAN be creative for my own students! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish you the best for your students, community, and your family during this time

      • Yes! Happy to help. Good luck creating. Would love to see what you make. If you have any questions or need help let me know.

      • I’ve decided that one of the first activities for families will be to create a personal “PE closet” I’m going to assign them a task to go around and find all the things they have or COULD use safely for PE activities. They will share a video with me about their personal closets This will be a fun way for them to get creative and think about how they will use the items to improve skills! Thought others might like this idea

  2. Justin this is GREAT! Have done a similar game – however you have added some great touches that make the game a real family fun activity! Thanks for your creativity and sharing out! You are the best!

    • You, my dear Jane, have just made my day! I can’t thank you enough for your kind words.

  3. Justin,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your willingness to share this awesome activity with teachers during this time of uncertainty! After nearly 25 years of teaching, instructing without the human connection on a daily basis has caused anxiety for me because I want to be able to give my students the best at all times. This amazing example of how it can be done was just what I needed to stir up my own creative juices. It has motivated me to take a breath, focus on the basic standards and goals we have for all students, and have faith that I CAN provide cool home PE activities as well. I just can’t so thank you enough. It really helped me to relax today knowing that I can start with this and go on from there on my own! I wish you, your family, your students, and your community the very best during this time!

  4. Thanks for another great resource! I follow you on twitter and my students have used several of your creations. The kids love it and I truly appreciate them!

    • I love hearing this. I appreciate you feedback. More importantly, I’m glad your kids are enjoying them. Have you received the Push-up challenge yet? I’ll be posting that and another board game called Scrabble Dash today and tomorrow.

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