Star Wars – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I had a few people ask for an updated Star Wars Fitness challenge. So, back by popular demand, here is the “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” fitness challenge!

Along with an improved look and a couple of different exercises, the biggest change is that it’s now a 30-day challenge. This means it can be used at any time rather than only during the month of May.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6.22.05 PM


Click the Star Wars 30-Day challenge  for a copy of the challenge.

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7 Comments on “Star Wars – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

  1. I really Like this for my students during this virtual age of teaching, but my students are high schoolers and I would like to add another exercise to each side. Could you send this to me in a word document?

    • No problem. Sometimes the formatting doesn’t match. Fingers crossed. Send me an email where I can send it.

  2. I like it and it helps me and i like star wars

      • Yea but i cant seem to get a second one done only one.

      • One the sheet, there’s one workout with 4 exercises for the even number days and a second workout for odd number days. It’s all in the same sheet.

  3. I mean rounds i try and i end up a heavy breathing mess.

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