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“Find It” for Charity Challenge – family time pays

Have you ever found a penny on the ground and thought twice about picking it up? It’s one measly cent and weren’t we going to get rid of the penny anyway? We all know once that copper coin lands in our pocket, it’s destined…

6 Laundry Basket Games Your PE Students Will LOVE!

  Several years ago, my team and I were looking for an inexpensive way to store some of our smaller pieces of equipment. Milk crates worked but were a little smaller than what we needed for our variety of balls, scoops, noodles, pinnies, etc….

YARD SCARS – My lawn looks like crap and I couldn’t be more proud

With every skinned knee and childhood scar, there is usually a glowing or harrowing story attached. Kid scars are like badges of honor or kid tattoos. Proof we played. Proof we fell and proof we got up and tried again and again. Over the…

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