5 Tabata-Style Workout Templates to Assess Student Learning – AKA- The Personal Trainer Challenge

I designed five workout templates to use with my students. My main objection was to assess their understanding of specific exercises and the muscles they target. The workout templates include:

  1. Lower Body Tabata
  2. Upper Body Tabata
  3. Core Tabata
  4. Full Body Tabata
  5. Cario Tabata
Full Body Tabata Template
Full Body Tabata Template

Below explains how I present the lesson to my students.

You and your partner are personal trainers. Your mission is to design a Tabata-style workout for your clients (another group). The workout consists of four exercises, each lasting twenty seconds with a ten second rest after each exercise. Fill in the number of rounds you would like your clients to complete.
  • Practice your workout.
  • Demonstrate your workout for your clients
  • Observe your clients performing the workout. Help them with form.

My students work in pairs to design the workout.

Click TABATA-STYLE WORKOUT for access to all 5 templates.

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