The WORKOUT OF THE DAY (WOD) template is designed for users to design their own workout. The template alternates between exercises that increase muscle strength and exercises that increase heart rate. The user determines the number of repetitions for each of the 10 exercises.

Click the picture for access to the template!

I’ve used this for my virtual learners last year as well as in my physical education classes. It’s a nice way for me to asses student learning. Can they decipher between muscle strengthening exercises and exercises that increase heart rate?

Another way I’ve used the template is as a PERSONAL TRAINER CHALLENGE for my PE classes. I present it in the following manner:

You and your partner are personal trainers. Your mission is to design a workout for your clients (another group). The workout must alternate between exercises that increase your heart rate and exercises that increase muscle strength. Fill in the table above with your exercises and the number of repetitions per exercise.

  • Practice your workout 
  • Demonstrate your workout for your clients
  • Observe your clients performing the workout. Help them with form

Finally, the WOD template can be for personal use. It’s a great way to design your own workouts.

For access to the template click WORKOUT OF THE DAY TEMPLATE.
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Click 5 TABATA WORKOUTS for access to the templates.

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  1. There is a great “free” app that we put on all of our students IPad called Smartwod. It has built in timers for AMRAP, FOR TIME, EMOM and TABATA. The students can set the timers for their desired WOD and create their own WOD. They love it!!

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