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PE Teachers – Last-Minute Halloween Costume? – Search No More

Halloween has always been tough for me as a physical education teacher. Don’t get me wrong. I love the holiday and the enthusiasm it infuses in the kids. I’m sure you can relate to the energy generated when we introduce Halloween-themed games!  More than… Continue Reading “PE Teachers – Last-Minute Halloween Costume? – Search No More”

October’s Pumpkin Dice Latte Challenge

It’s time to Flourish with Fitness by taking the Pumpkin Dice Latte fitness challenge. In order to take this sweet challenge students, parents, teachers, and staff will need the following:      Pumpkin – With the help of an adult, find a pumpkin you can safely lift… Continue Reading “October’s Pumpkin Dice Latte Challenge”

Stop! Pay Attention! You’re on Recess Duty!

Unstructured Recess Does NOT Equal Unsupervised Recess In some instances educators confuse unstructured recess with unsupervised recess. While students are being challenged by the real life lessons recess naturally provides, educators must be present. Recess is NOT time for a break, to grade papers, to sit… Continue Reading “Stop! Pay Attention! You’re on Recess Duty!”

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