Storyline: The silly ghostly pumpkins are once again having a friendly battle in the graveyard. They try to toss gourds at each other in an attempt to knock each other over. A knocked-over ghostly pumpkin is transformed into a jack-o-lantern and is placed on a pedestal. Which team of ghostly pumpkins will completely decorate their pedestals first?

  • Spread out 8-10 hula hoops throughout each side of the boundaries.
  • Place a ghostly pumpkin (laminated pumpkin slipped over a bowling pin) in the center of each hoop.
  • Set up 4-5 aerobic steps (or anything else to place your captured ghostly pumpkin on) in the back of each end line (2 ghosts per step).
  • Each team tries to knock over an opposing team’s ghostly pumpkin.
  • If a ghostly pumpkin is knocked over, the player who knocked it over runs across the line to retrieve it. He places it on one of his aerobic steps.
  • The goal is to be the first team to place 2 ghostly pumpkins on each of the 4 aerobic steppers.
  • A smart defensive play is to knock off ghostly pumpkins placed on the steppers to prevent the opposing team from setting up all 8. When this happens the opposing team retrieves the ghostly pumpkin and places it back inside a hoop on their side.

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