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Trick for a Treat – Partner Halloween Game

For this week’s game of the week I chose another Halloween game called, TRICK FOR A TREAT. The premise is simple. Students are out trick or treating. In order to receive a treat they must perform a trick. Setup: Each student has a partner… Continue Reading “Trick for a Treat – Partner Halloween Game”


Storyline: The silly ghostly pumpkins are once again having a friendly battle in the graveyard. They try to toss gourds at each other in an attempt to knock each other over. A knocked-over ghostly pumpkin is transformed into a jack-o-lantern and is placed on… Continue Reading “GHOSTLY PUMPKINS IN THE GRAVEYARD”

PUMPKIN PATCH THROW DOWN – Perfect for Halloween

October is one of the most exciting months of the school year for our students. Without a doubt, on October 1st, students will ask, “Are we going play any Halloween games today?” Although we’ll sprinkle a few Halloween-themed games into a lesson the first… Continue Reading “PUMPKIN PATCH THROW DOWN – Perfect for Halloween”

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