Trick for a Treat – Partner Halloween Game

For this week’s game of the week I chose another Halloween game called, TRICK FOR A TREAT. The premise is simple. Students are out trick or treating. In order to receive a treat they must perform a trick.


  • Each student has a partner (we discuss the importance of trick or treating with a group rather than by yourself).
  • Partners place a hula hoop (Halloween bag) anywhere around the perimeter of the play area.
  • Spread out a bunch of equipment (treats) inside the perimeter. Tricks can include bean bags, yarn balls, poly spots, dice, and anything else in your PE closet.


  • When the spooky music begins, partner one stands over a treat.while holding a deck ring. (instead of a deck ring I’ve also used coffee cans, small cones, frisbees, etc.)
  • Partner 2 then underhand throws a 6- inch gator ball from anywhere on the perimeter.
  • Partner 1 must catch the ball inside the ring for the trick to be successful.
  • If the ball is caught, player 1 picks up the treat and runs it back to their hula hoop.
  • Partner 1 and 2 then switch roles.

As mentioned above, you can substitute the deck ring with a small cone, a vegetable or soup can, an actual bag, or anything else to perform the trick. For a first round students can even simply catch the ball with their hands.Make it your own!

Trick for a Treat Equipment:

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