PUMPKIN PATCH THROW DOWN – Perfect for Halloween

October is one of the most exciting months of the school year for our students. Without a doubt, on October 1st, students will ask,

“Are we going play any Halloween games today?”

Although we’ll sprinkle a few Halloween-themed games into a lesson the first couple weeks of October, we won’t go all in until about a week and half away from Halloween. That’s when we dim the lights, cue our Halloween playlist, and introduce our latest arsenal of spooky Halloween games.


Pumpkin Patch Throw Down has become a student and teacher favorite. It’s one of those games that can be modified for all grade levels. It’s not over-the-top scary, it involves teamwork, throwing, catching, imagination, and fun – the perfect recipe for a successful game.

The video has a thorough explanation of the game. You may not have the same equipment I use in the video. However, I’m sure, somewhere in your equipment closet, there are alternatives which can make your game as fun and perhaps better.

For example, I’ve used large cones for the vines instead of laundry basket as well. When farmer knocks a pumpkin off the vine, the pumpkin is placed under the cone.

Here’s an earlier version I’ve played with my 1st Graders.

If you liked this game, you may also enjoy 10 more of my Halloween favorites found here: 10 Halloween Games for PE.


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3 Comments on “PUMPKIN PATCH THROW DOWN – Perfect for Halloween

  1. This is my students all time favorite game. We change the theme to fit in with other holidays they love it so much. Christmas is ornament thrown ect. Thanks

    • I love hearing this. Isn’t it great how so many favorite games can be transformed into a holiday game? Thanks for sharing.

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