Here’s a simple warm-up for your PE classes called SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO!

The challenge can be sent home or done during PE class.

At Home:

Students can complete 1-2 words per day. Can they fill the entire card?

At School:

Organize your students in groups of four. Give them a Summer Olympic Fitness Bingo card.

Challenge: How many squares can each group complete together in 5 minutes?

  1. Take turns choosing a word on the Bingo card.
  2. Match each letter of the word to the “Alphabet Fitness Key” to decipher your workout.
  3. Complete the exercises associated with each letter.



J – 30 High Knees

U – 15 Squats

D – 10 Pushups

O – 40 Jumping Jacks

Click SUMMER OLYMPIC FITNESS BINGO for a copy of the challenge!

I’m sure there are other ways to use this challenge. Let me know if your discover any!

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