Month: March 2020

SCRABBLE RUSH – It’s Scrabble, with a “RUSH” of EXERCISE!

Did you play Scrabble as a child? Maybe you still play as an adult. I still enjoy it for multiple reasons. Game time means family time Keeps our minds sharp Increases our vocabulary Enhances our strategic thinking It’s fun! Scrabble Rush is fun for…

JUMP! Into Spring – 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

I strongly believe that everybody should learn to jump rope. There are countless health benefits and it enhances balance and coordination. Jump rope is an activity for everyone. For beginners, the processing involved in timing the jump and figuring out how to turn the…

April Fitness Challenge – BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP

Strength training for adults and kids is paramount to any workout program. Whether your goals are to improve your posture, balance, core strength, or simply strengthen your upper body, the one exercise that will help is the push-up Traditionally, each one of my classes…

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