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Light The Menorah – Another Holiday Tag Game!

LIGHT THE MENORAH My students love this game. Before we play, we meet in a circle to talk about Hanukkah. Many times I’ll let my students who celebrate Hanukkah lead the discussion. We’ll talk about the Menorah, the shamash or helper candle, and the… Continue Reading “Light The Menorah – Another Holiday Tag Game!”

HANUKKAH MEMORY – a matching game

Did you play matching games when you were a child? I remember playing with a deck of 52 playing cards. My brother and I would spread them out on the living room floor and play over and over again. With my own children, we’ve… Continue Reading “HANUKKAH MEMORY – a matching game”

10 Simple Holiday Games for PE

Snowman Down My students love this game! I’ve played this with a class of 20 students and with larger groups of about 40. For my class of 20 students, I spread out 15 hula hoops around the gym with a bowling pin in each… Continue Reading “10 Simple Holiday Games for PE”

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