Light The Menorah – Another Holiday Tag Game!


My students love this game. Before we play, we meet in a circle to talk about Hanukkah. Many times I’ll let my students who celebrate Hanukkah lead the discussion. We’ll talk about the Menorah, the shamash or helper candle, and the order in which you light the candles (from right to left) and why.

Each team begins on their own side, sitting on a scooter board, much like capture the flag. The goal is to cross over the middle line and safely get to the opposite end in order to light a candle on the menorah (I use a plastic ball pit ball for the flame). If you are tagged on the opposite side, you must freeze with your hands up. This tells the person on your team with the “eternal flame” (noodle or candy cane) to come rescue you by handing you the candy cane. The eternal flame cannot be tagged. Once the eternal flame rescues a tagged player, he hands the flame to that player, who now becomes the eternal flame. The student who was the eternal flame can now try to light a candle like everyone else. When a player crosses the opposite end-line, he/she is safe and can light one of the candles. Once the candle is lit, that player must walk their scooter along the sideline, back to their team to continue the game.

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