HANUKKAH MEMORY – a matching game

Did you play matching games when you were a child? I remember playing with a deck of 52 playing cards. My brother and I would spread them out on the living room floor and play over and over again. With my own children, we’ve done the same thing. However, instead of playing cards we’ve played animal memory, addition and subtraction memory, Spanish vocabulary memory, and even one I made up called the SAME SAME GAME. 

I introduce to you another memory game we created called Hanukkah Memory! The game includes 16 different images, all relating to Hanukkah! I find this version to be a wonderful way for students to learn and even teach each other about the customs and symbols of Hanukkah!

Click on any of the pictures for access to the game!

All you need to do is print out the images. Either you or the students cut them out. I like to back them with a festive colored piece of card stock or construction paper prior to cutting. I also recommend laminating the cards for long time use.

Click HANUKKAH MEMORY for access to the game!

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