30 RANDOM ACTS OF FAMILY, FITNESS, and FUN – Holiday Edition

Just in time for the holiday season, Random Acts of Family, Fitness, and Fun has been updated and now better than ever.

The goal of Random Acts of Family, Fitness, and Fun is for kids to enjoy the holiday season, spark their curiosity, and focus on kindness by doing the following:

  • spend quality time with family
  • take part in several random acts of kindness
  • tap into creative juices by creating and designing games and activities
  • participate in a variety of exercises

The instructions for the challenge are simple:

  • Each day, choose at least one activity to complete.
  • If you want to repeat an activity already completed, great! Enjoy what you love.
  • How many activities can you complete throughout the next 30 days or holiday season?
CLICK RANDOM ACTS OF FAMILY, FUN, and FITNESS for access to the challenge.

Parent/Teacher Choice

If a child participates in the challenge, adults have an option to give them a participation certificate as a reward.

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