NOODLE SPROCKETS – combining teamwork, strength, and concentration – GAME OF THE WEEK

I enjoy watching my students play NOODLE SPROCKETS for a number of reasons.

  • Encourages Teamwork – I like to mix up partners throughout this activity. I want my students to be able to work with each and every other student in the class. We regularly discuss how this is an important life lesson.
  • Muscle Strengthener and Endurance –  Not until I tried it did I realize how tiring this activity can be. Pinching the noodle between your feet engages many of the muscles in your upper and lower legs. Over a period of time, I began to feel the burn. It also increases your heart rate.
  • Concentration – I always begin with groups of two. The goal is to move the noodle across the floor by jumping over each other’s noodles. You would think this is relatively easy however, once you try it and observe the challenge in action you discover there is definitely a deeper level of thinking involved. Making groups of three and four create a PUZZLE-LIKE challenge as they have to discover ways to maneuver themselves to jump the next noodle. With groups this size, it’s fun to observe students NOODLE through possible solutions on how to make their way across the gym. You’ll see this in the video.

With limited equipment, this activity is challenging and super engaging!

Side note:

I find that the shorter the noodle the easier the challenge. If possible cut a long noodle in half or better yet in quarters.


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