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Master the Minute; 14 Active 1-minute Challenges for PE

Have you ever watched reruns of the classic game show, Beat the Clock?  It was a television game show that involved people trying to complete challenges to win prizes while faced with a time limit. The challenges were extremely goofy, yet challenging using a…

Teaching Team Building is Easy as 1-2-3…4!

No matter the age, the skill set for students today should include tools for team building and greater communication skills. As in most Physical Education Programs, it has been a tradition for my team and me to kick off the school year with two… Continue Reading “Teaching Team Building is Easy as 1-2-3…4!”

10 Simple RELAY RACES for YOUR Students

Relay Races are be a quick and easy way to promote teamwork, active participation, integrity and fun. One of the keys to a successful relay is group size. Depending on the relay, limit the number of students per team to maximize movement and excitement.… Continue Reading “10 Simple RELAY RACES for YOUR Students”

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