Get in the Hole! – A fun indoor golf game

Each April, around the time of the Master’s golf tournament, I like to play various versions of golf with my students. This week we played a game called, GET IN THE HOLE!  Prior to playing, we had a discussion about golf in general and then more specifically about golf etiquette.

We discussed the following:

  • Wait for your turn. If a team is presently at a hole, it’s imperative that you patiently wait your turn or move on to a different hole.
  • Never cross the path of a golfer who is putting. Either wait or go around the path of the golf ball.
  • Avoid touching another team’s golf ball.
  • Encourage and respect your own teammate as well as others.

With limited space, it can be difficult to adhere to golf etiquette at all times. However, the students are noticeably aware of etiquette throughout the game. I observe them apologizing to each other and reminding each other of proper etiquette.  As for the silent hush on a golf course, no thank you! It’s still PE class. There’s nothing better than the sound of kids respectfully having a blast!

Here’s a video description of GET IN THE HOLE! 

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