The BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP – 30-Day Challenge PERFECT for Everyone!

Whether you’re a child or an adult, a fundamentally sound push-up can be difficult. After all, many of us simply haven’t developed the necessary muscle strength to successfully push our body weight from a down position up into a high plank. We need to realize that this is absolutely fine. We can’t run before we learn to walk. There are several simple exercises that I refer to as the evolution of the push-up, that can assist us in developing the necessary strength, allowing us to eventually perform a perfect traditional push-up.

The Build a Better Push-up 30-Day Challenge allows you to take ownership of your workout. You can select a level that fits your ability. Remember! A good fit doesn’t mean an easy fit. A good fit means while focusing on proper form, you are challenged to accomplish each repetition. You want the final few repetitions of each set to be a grind. This is where you develop the strength for your push-up to evolve.

Exercise has it’s own GIF

To conclude, the BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP CHALLENGE serves as a tool for us to develop the necessary strength to complete one, or even several push-ups with precise form.

Certificate of Completion included.

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One Comment on “The BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP – 30-Day Challenge PERFECT for Everyone!

  1. Before you make push-ups a daily part of your health, it is important to understand the proper form, and which type of push-up may be best for your goals and physical ability.

    Kudos to you man! anyone can do this challenge now, good luck!

    Just don’t forget to get enough rest, eat a well balance nutrition foods plus a good source of supplements to help you unlock your potential.

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