30 RANDOM ACTS of FAMILY, FITNESS, and FUN! Holiday Edition

The goal of 30 Random Acts of Family, Fitness, and Fun is for kids to enjoy the holiday season, spark their curiosity and focus on kindness by doing the following:

  • spend quality time with family
  • take part in several random acts of kindness
  • tap into creative juices by creating and designing games and activities
  • participate in a variety of exercises
Click picture for access to the challenge!

I encourage my own kids and my students to complete as many of the 30 random acts as possible within the 31 days of December. However, the challenge can be offered during any 30-day period.

At the end of the month, students can turn in their completed challenge to receive a participation certificate (below).

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Click Random Acts for a copy of the challenge.

For more RANDOM ACTS OF FUN click the picture below!

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