30 Day Challenges – Step outside your comfort zone!

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Below, is a 3-minute TED Talk by Matt Cutts called, Try Something New for 30 Days.  Upon watching this video for the first time, my mind erupted with ideas on personal challenges I could set for myself. Should I cut out certain foods? Challenge me physically? Meditate for 30 days? Read every day?  Walk the dogs twice a day rather than just letting them run around the back yard?  Once I completed my initial brainstorm, I needed to slow down and remember Matt Cutts’ advice.  He simply stated, “small change = sustainable.”  I  realized that setting a reasonable goal would more likely turn into a habit that could last far beyond 30 days.

My 30-day challenge:  I am presently on day 16 of running at least a 5K every day.  Although there are days when I just don’t want to run due to weather, fatigue, or schedule, my competitive nature (along with my wife) keeps me motivated.  During each run, I think about the pathetic excuses I tried to make to not run, celebrate the fact that I can mark another day off the 30-day goal chart, and appreciate the emotional rush (and slight joint pain) I experience after finishing.  I also wonder what I’ll do on day 31…yoga, plyometrics, daily naps?

How about professionally?  How can I apply the 30-day challenge to my job as a physical education teacher?  How can I use this challenge to motivate my students?  How can I take advantage of trying something new for 30 days to help bolster my planning and strengthen my curriculum? How will I answer all of these questions in under 30 days?

For now, I’ll continue plugging along on my first challenge.  With only 14 days left, I’m hoping to discover my next 30-day challenge at the finish line.

I hope this post has inspired YOU to try something new for 30 days either personally or professionally. Tell me all about it.  I could use some ideas.

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4 Comments on “30 Day Challenges – Step outside your comfort zone!

  1. Wow I’m fired up, Justin! Thanks for the inspiration…I’ll tweet at you when I decide what my 30 day challenge is going to be! This, of course, has to be shared with my school community. 🙂 Happy teaching!

    • This is awesome! Thank you SO MUCH for you comment. I can’t wait for you to get back to me about your goal.

  2. I love that idea of trying something new, especially with students at school. I work in a pretty urban setting where my students don’t get exposed to a lot of different activities to get and stay health. This definitely racked my brain to come up with something fun and exciting! Thanks

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