10 Halloween Games for PE

Each year, around October 15th, my students in 1st-5th grades begin asking for Halloween games in PE.  They love the excitement of dimming the lights, listening to spooky music while playing a variety of games with a Halloween twist. They also appreciate a good storyline attached to each game. It is my hope that you can use a few of our games with your students during one of the most exciting times of the year for kids.

I would like to thank all the PE teachers on social media for sharing your amazing ideas. Some of the following games were influenced by YOUR creativity.

All equipment used in the following games is listed at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

If you are having trouble viewing the videos, click 9 Halloween Games for PE to access a direct link to the Halloween playlist on my Youtube channel.

Witch's Hat Picture

Storyline: Three evil witches are patrolling the forest on Halloween night. They want to prevent all the children of the land from trick-or-treating. The witches cast a spell on the children by turning them into witches’ helpers. The only hope for the kids is for at least one of them to survive being tagged by the witch. This breaks the spell and frees the children of the land.


Ghosts on the Gravestone Pic

Storyline: Each Halloween, evil spirits in the neighborhood cemetery come to life. They haunt the trick-or-treaters by hovering over gravestones. Two teams of ghostbusters are called to eliminate the ghosts once and for all. Each team wants all the glory by being the one to eliminate the ghosts. Which team will prevail?

Haunted House Pic

Storyline: There’s a haunted house in your neighborhood. You and your friends know that the house has the best Halloween candy in the world! Your mission is to capture all the candy. If successful, you’ll not only have the best candy in the world but will also eliminate the ghosts forever!!!Haunted House Rules

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.35.38 AM

Storyline: There’s a rumor that zombies are slowly taking over the village. The people of the village don’t trust anyone. They don’t know who is a zombie and who is human. Therefore, they must attempt to eliminate anything and anyone! Can you survive the Night of the Living Zombies?Night of the LZ Rules

3G Pic

Storyline: Ghost, Ghouls, and Goblins annually hold a Halloween dance in the local cemetery. They play their scary music way too loud and their spooky conversations frighten all the local residents. Therefore, The Triple G Busters have been called to “bust” the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Can the Triple G Busters eliminate them in less than 2 minutes?


3G RUles

Catchong Ghosts picStoryline: There are a bunch of friendly ghosts and perfect pumpkins throughout the pumpkin patch. Both are desired by all the children. The ghosts are fun to play with and the pumpkins make the most delicious pumpkin pie! How many can you and your buddy collect?

Catching Ghost and Pumkins Rules

Pumkin patch picStoryline: 2 neighboring pumpkin farms are having their annual Pumpkin Patch Throw Down. Each farm wants pumpkin farm supremacy by picking all the pumpkins off the opposing farm’s vines. Who will win this year’s throw down?

Pumpkin Rules

WZ PIC.png

Storyline: Three evil witches are patrolling the forest on Halloween night. They want to prevent all the children of the land from trick-or-treating. The witches cast a spell on the children by turning them into zombies. The only hope for the kids is for at least one of them to survive being tagged by the witch. This breaks the spell and frees the children of the land.wzzz

Trick or Treat.png

Storyline: The local kids have had an exhausting night of trick-or-treating. It’s now time to go home. However, it’s past 10:00. This is when the graveyard comes to life with ghosts and zombies. Unfortunately, all roads home lead through the graveyard. Will you and your candy make it home safely?ToT

Ghostly PicStoryline: The silly ghostly pumpkins are once again having a friendly battle in the graveyard. They try to toss gourds at each other in an attempt to knock each other over. A knocked over ghostly pumpkin is transformed into a jack-o-lantern and is placed on a pedestal. Which team of ghostly pumpkins with completely decorate their pedestals first?

Ghostly Rules

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.35.21 PM

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12 Comments on “10 Halloween Games for PE

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  3. Kids are loving these activities. Thank you for sharing!!
    Willow Creek Elementary – Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD


  4. Great games-thanks so much for sharing. Just curious-how do you address “cheating” in your classes? For example, not admitting to being tagged, taking more than one scoring token etc.


    • We will stop a game on the spot and call an information formation and discuss integrity. What it looks like, why it’s important, how it feels when someone doesn’t have integrity, etc. for isolated incidents, I will subtlety call over the students and discuss what I saw. I spent a lot of time speaking about sportsmanship, integrity, etc. unfortunately it’s always there. Just can’t let it pass without addressing. In repeated situations, I will sit a child out of a game and discuss the issue.


      • Thanks for your response! I also spend a lot of time talking about sportsmanship, honesty, and the importance of relationships with your classmates and teachers over winning. I even have Ben Landers’ Good Sport Code hanging up in the gym, but still have challenges with cheating, particularly with my younger students who haven’t quite mastered the concept that they are never really “out” of the game.


  5. These are awesome! Thank you so much for having the game description and then a video to go along with it!


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