10 Simple Ways to Attach Station Signs to Cones

Are you like me? Have you been searching for the best way to label your stations in PE class? “What is the best method for attaching signs to cones?” I recently proposed that very question on social media and was blow away by the number of helpful responses. In fact, the answers to my question were too good not to share. Below is a list of ten ways to attach signs to cones. Each one is cost-effective and allows you to easily reuse your signs. Laminating your signs not only increases their durability, but also allows you to write on them with dry-erase markers.  A special thank you to all my fellow PE teachers around the world for your help!

#1 Rubber Band and Floor Tape

This is personally my favorite way to attach signs to cones, and it’s so easy. All you need to do is attach a rubber band to the back of your laminated sign with floor tape. Make sure you use a thicker rubber band for durability. Thank you Jedd Austin for submitting this idea.

#2 Clothes Pin and Tongue Depressor

This contraption can be used multiple times. Using a hot glue gun, attached the clothes pin to a tongue depressor. The tongue depressor is used to limit the sign from bending. Then tape both sides of the tongue depressor to the laminated sign. Finally, clip the clothes pin to the cone. When finished, the contraption can easily be removed for future use with other signs. Thank you Robin Walker for submitting this idea.

#3 Binder Clip

Simple and easy, the binder clip is strong enough to hold your laminated signs to most cones. Thank you Jamey Lewchanin for submitting this idea.

#4 Paint Stirrer

The local hardware store is always willing to give teachers a small supply of paint stirrers. Using floor tape, tape the stirrer to the back of your sign. Both inexpensive and easy, the stirrers can be used for many years to come. Thank you Cindy Martin-Brooks for submitting this idea.

#5 Taped Laminated Paper Slip Cover

This is a great way to make a 2-sided sign. Print and laminate 2 copies of your sign. Tape along the two sides and top of the signs creating a slip cover. Then slip the sign over the top of the cone.

#6 Manila Folder with Laminating Film Pocket

Manila folders are another one of my favorite supplies for attaching signs to cones. Along with the signs, laminate the folders for durability. Cut a small hole in the fold of the folder. Tape a piece of laminating film (same dimensions as the folder) to the front of the folder along the sides and bottom using floor tape. Slip your sign into the pocket. Finally, place the folder over the cone through the hole. Thank you Alisha Grossman for submitting this idea.

#7 Manila Folder with Velcro

Laminate a manila folder, then cut a hole in the fold to later slip over a cone. Attach velcro squares to the back of the signs and the manila folder. Attach the sign to the folder, then slip it over a cone. This is another great option, which can be used with multiple signs for years to come.

#8 Slit Cones to Hold Signs

I used to use this method earlier in my career until my cones began to fall apart. Simply cut a slit in the top of your cone that’s deep enough to hold your sign. Slip the sign into the cut and you’re good to go!

#9 Manila Folder Pocket Slip

This is similar to #5 but a little more stable. Laminate a manila folder. Cut a large square out of the folder, then tape it to the back side of your sign along the top and sides. Do not tape the bottom. Slip the sign over the cone. Thank you Kim Catalfamo for submitting this idea.

#10 Floor Tape

In a pinch, this is an extremely quick method to attach a sign to a cone. two pieces of rolled up floor tape will usually do the trick.

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