Scooter Fitness – 11 Exercises Using Scooter Boards

Scooter boards have been around forever.  I was recently discussing with my students how the original scooters were made from wood with casters similar to the ones we use today, only much smaller.   My PE teacher would wheel out several scooter racks, each consisting of a half dozen scooters stacked up one on top of another.  We would explore different pathways while sitting, kneeling, and on our bellies.  Sometimes we would have relay races and play scooter line soccer.  Everyone loved the scooter boards…until the scooter tipped and pinched their fingers.  OUCH!

Today, I still remain a big supporter of scooters in PE class.  I even share many of the activities I learned from my PE teachers.  However, I also like to use scooters as a motivating tool for fitness.  In an effort to keep fitness fresh and exciting, I along with my students, have created several exercises to enhance flexibility, endurance, and strength using scooter boards.  Most, if not all the exercises are “pinch free”, meaning students won’t crush their fingers.  If you’re a PE teacher, you know what I’m talking about.

Vintage Scooter

Scooter Kayak Tag

I started playing this game when my students kept getting their fingers pinched under the scooter. Instead of holding the handles of the scooter, each student holds a noodle, eliminating the chance of the scooter tipping onto their fingers.  In Scooter Kayak Tag, the noodle represents kayak paddle. I pick one of the colors to be it (purple in the video). All students pretend to paddle their kayak as they flee the purple paddles. If tagged kayakers go the exercise zone to complete any one of the exercises you’ll see below. In this case, the exercise is a knee tuck as seen in the video. Once the exercise is completed, the student re-enters the water and continues the game.


Scooter Knee Tucks

If you are having trouble viewing the videos click Scooter Fitness to access a direct link to the scooter playlist on my Youtube channel.

Scooter Crossing

Scooter Push and Pull

Scooter Noodle Spin

Scooter Crab Tuck

Scooter Inch Worm

Scooter Crab Leg Circles

Scooter Plank Exchange

Scooter Pushup and Tuck

Scooter Around the Clock Pushups

Scooter Action with 1st Grade

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9 Comments on “Scooter Fitness – 11 Exercises Using Scooter Boards

  1. YOUR BOYS ARE STRONG!!!! I love the scooter exercises! We can start the presentation with instant warm-up exercises – AMRAP variations including scooter exercises. Go over specific scooter exercises – your videos are great… We can then play a variety of scooter activities – bucket ball, scooter soccer, …etc.

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  4. You made some decent factors there. I looked on the internet for the problem and located most individuals will go together with along with your website.

  5. I use scooter street hockey as a game that can be played with shortened hockey sticks. Great leg and core exercise moving about and now that new scooters have hand protection we have far less injuries. I’ve upgraded my scooters to much more durable 3 inch and 4 inch wheels because my outdoor gym class basketball court is hard on them. Thanks for sharing the exercises and history.

    • That’s sound incredible. How are the handles on your new scooter? I know some have better protection for pinched fingers now.

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