Fall Family Fitness Challenge



Click fall-family-fitness-challenge-and-calendar for the official October challenge and calendar.

Below are the 5 video descriptions for  Fall Family Fitness Challenge exercises.

1st and 2nd grade – complete at least ONE round.

3rd-6th grade – complete at least TWO rounds

30 High Knees



20 High/Low Planks


20 Lunges (10 each leg)


10 Count-it-Down Negative Pushups


10 Squat Jumps


11 Comments on “Fall Family Fitness Challenge

    • Thanks. Beginning this year, each month we’re challenging our 1st-6th grades to do a different fitness challenge. Each month consists of a different group of exercises. The challenge also comes with a calendar to initial each day they complete it. At the end of the month they bring the calendar in to receive a gold, silver, or bronze certificate based on the number of days completed.

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    • I love this idea! We are in the process of trying to create one for November. How did you get this info out to parents? Send a paper copy home with each kid? For link to digital content? Do you digitally comtact parents typically? Thanks for your help!


      • Thank you Jessica. Each teacher at our school has there own communication website through Haiku. I post the challenge on the PE pages and request that the classroom teachers put it on their pages. I sometimes will print out copies of the challenge with the links to the videos as well. So far so good. Now I’m trying to come up with Novembers challenge and a certificate for the medalists for October. It’s a lot of work but totally worth it.


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