START THE SCHOOL YEAR “WRITE” 30-Day Fitness Challenge

It’s once again time for our students to Flourish with Fitness by taking the Start the School Year Write fitness challenge. This challenge offers a unique combination of physical exercises to promote strength and endurance, as well as writing and educational challenges to help stimulate the mind… Continue Reading “START THE SCHOOL YEAR “WRITE” 30-Day Fitness Challenge”


For the month of April, our students will discuss and participate in isometric fitness. See below for an editable copy of April’s Macaroni Isometric Fitness Challenge. What are isometrics? Isometrics are also known as static exercises. It’s a type of training where the body performs little… Continue Reading “APRIL’S MACARONI ISOMETRICS FITNESS CHALLENGE”

For the Love of Exercise – February Fitness Challenge

The trusty JUMP ROPE once again grabs the spotlight for February’s Flourish with Fitness Challenge. For the Love of Exercise is designed to increase awareness of all the benefits from jumping rope. Jump rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. Along with benefits to… Continue Reading “For the Love of Exercise – February Fitness Challenge”

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