The FITNESS SPOOKTACLE – 30-Day Challenge

It’s once again time to Flourish with Fitness by taking October’s Fitness Spooktacle fitness challenge.

The Fitness Spooktacle consists of three separate workouts. Each workout is represented by one of three spooky Halloween images; a jack-o’-lantern, a skeleton, and a vampire bat.

On the exercise calendar, each day is highlighted by one of the three images. For example, day 1 has an image of a jack-o’-lantern. Therefore, on that day, students complete the jack-o’-lantern workout. A student’s level of spook (level of fitness), determines how many rounds of the workout he/she completes. Students cross out or write their initials on the number completed. At the end of the month, my students add up the total number of days completed, have their parents sign the bottom of the calendar, and return it to me for a certificate and shoe token.

For a PDF version of the challenge (formatting is locked in) click FITNESS SPOOKTACLE 2020!






Start the School Year “Write!” – 30 day fitness challenge

It’s once again time for our students to Flourish with Fitness by taking the Start the School Year Write fitness challenge. This challenge offers a unique combination of physical exercises to promote strength and endurance, as well as writing and educational challenges to help stimulate the mind and fine motor skills in preparation for another great school year. What better way to get back into the flow of school!

The Start the School Year Write fitness challenge consist of a calendar and an alphabet fitness key.

Each day of the month will have a Word and Workout of the Day.  The words and workouts become longer and more challenging throughout the month. Added Bonus: On the back of the calendar, write five sentences or more using any of the words of the day. 

  1. Locate the Word of the Day on the calendar.
  2. Match each letter of the word to the “Alphabet Fitness Key” to decipher the workout.
  3. Complete the Workout of the Day.

Example: Art

A30-Second High Plank, RHop on one foot 5 times, T10 Burpees

Click Start the School Year WRITE for a copy of the challenge.

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Play it Up!- 30-Day Challenge for Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

The Play it Up! 30-day challenge is geared to give children a variety of ideas for both indoor and outdoor play. This is another challenge that can be offered at any time of year. However, I like to offer this challenge over the holiday break and summer vacation.

As Albert Einstein once said, “PLAY is the highest form of research!” And like I always say, “Play is a child’s best way to exercise body and brain.” NEVER STOP PLAYING!

Click the picture for a digital copy of the challenge!

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.47.03 PM

Click Play it Up! for a digital copy on the challenge on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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