TRICK OR TREAT, MOVE YOUR FEET – October Fitness Challenge

The Trick or Treat, Move Your Feet fitness challenge consists of three separate workouts. Each workout is represented by one of the three colors of candy corn; white, orange, and yellow.

Click TRICK OR TREAT for access to the challenge!

candy-cornEach Day of the week is highlighted either white, orange, or yellow. For example, October 1st is highlighted orange. Therefore, on that day, students will do the orange workout. Using the fitness calendar, students will write their initials on each day they complete the workout. At the end of the month, they add up the total number of days completed, have their parents sign the bottom of the calendar and return it to a PE teacher for a  certificate and shoe token.


Below is the certificate I’ll use when a student returns a calendar at the end of the month.

Click HERE for a free copy of the certificate.



It’s time to Flourish with Fitness by taking the Pumpkin Dice Latte fitness challenge. In order to take this sweet challenge students, parents, teachers, and staff will need the following:

  • Pumpkin – With the help of an adult, find a pumpkin you can safely lift off the ground and over your head. You should be able to hold the pumpkin with extended arms in front of you for at least 10 seconds. If you are unable to find a pumpkin, use an alternative like a ball.
  • Dice – Go to your game closet to find a single dice.
  • A desire to get fit

Once a pumpkin has been selected, it’s time to get pumped using the pumpkin as a weight.


Check out this awesome video for a demonstration of each exercise!

Thank you Jedd Austin (@jeddaustin) for your incredible videography/editing talent. This video will, without a doubt, be a useful resource for everyone who takes the challenge.

  • Spooky Squats – Hold your pumpkin by your chest. Slowly complete a squat. Remember to keep your shoulders back and push off your heels.
  • Jack-o-Lantern Jacks – Complete jumping jacks holding the pumpkin over your head.
  • Pumpkin Press – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Push your pumpkin above your head then down to your chest for one repetition.
  • Pumpkin Seed Sit-ups – Lie flat on your back holding the pumpkin on the ground with extended arms over your head. Lifting one leg, curl up and touch your toe with the pumpkin. Repeat this move while alternating legs.
  • Boogedy Boogedy Burpees – Complete a burpee while holding your pumpkin with two hands.
  • Frankenstein Kicks – Hold the pumpkin out in front of you with extended arms. Alternating legs, gently kick the pumpkin with your toes.

I spend the week prior to the challenge introducing the workout and practicing each of the exercises during PE class. This allows me to help students with form before setting them off to do the workout at home. I’ve incorporated rest days this year as well. Students need to know that giving your body a break is an important part of any workout regiment. At the end of the month, participants turn in their calendars. Anyone who completes ten days or more receives an award certificate with a two-inch gold sticker and a plastic shoe token.

For access to the challenge click PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!

BTW – Don’t forget about the yummy pumpkin seeds when the challenge is over. They make a super, yummy, healthy snack. Click PUMPKIN SEED RECIPE for directions on how to roast them. I like to make several batches, each with a different seasoning. Here are a few of my favorites (season prior to roasting):

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • Barbecue
  • Ranch – Envelope Hidden Valley ranch seasoning
  • Cheddar or Parmesan – use packets of powdered cheese from a macaroni and cheese box

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CYLINDERCISING – Instant activity promoting teamwork, creativity, and exercise

I use cylindercising as an instant activity. Students enter the gym and on the screen they see the following:

I’ll match up partners as they enter and off they go to retrieve one foam cylinder and an open space. As I filter throughout the gym, I’m never disappointed in the communication, excitement, an overall creativity exploding from the minds of our students. The enthusiasm when it’s time to share their cylindercises goes unmatched.

I’ve used cylindercising with students in first grade through 5th grade. No matter which grade level, the results are the same. Students are having fun, working together, and exercising.

If foam cylinders are not in your PE equipment room there are other options. Other possibilities include:

  • swim noodles (long or cut into segments)
  • plastic cones
  • foam discs
  • gator balls
  • foam dice

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