SCRABBLE RELAY – Action packed fun for big and small groups

The Scrabble Relay is the perfect way to combine PE, language arts, and math. The Scrabble Relay set includes instructions, 100+ Scrabble tiles each with a point value, and scorecards.


Using the tiles collected during the Scrabble Relay, spell, and list as many words as possible on your Scrabble scorecard.


  • Print, laminate, and cut out multiple sets of Scrabble tiles (at least 2 sets per 20 students).
  • Spread out the tiles face down along the baseline or sideline of your gym.
  • Organize teams of 3-4 students, each in a straight line at the opposite side of the gym.
  • Place a hula hoop with a clipboard, pencil, and scorecard behind each team.
    Get access to the game by clicking SCRABBLE RELAY.


  • On the command to begin, the first student in line races across the gym to retrieve one tile then runs back and tags the next student before placing the tile inside the hula hoop face down (students may not look at their tiles until all tiles are collected by the class).
  • The second student repeats the process once tagged by the first student.
  • This continues until every tile is collected.
  • Set a three-minute timer.
  • Students turn over their tiles to begin formulating words.
  • A designated scribe writes down each word on the scorecard while also calculating the word’s score. This is done by adding the point value of each letter.
  • After recording the word on the scorecard, its letters can be used again to spell a different word.
  • When the three-minute timer expires, students stop formulating words and work together to add their final score.
  • Students can share their score and their highest-scoring word with the rest of the class.

Bonus Points:

  • Double the point value of each word students can make that is on their class vocabulary list.
Get access to the game by clicking SCRABBLE RELAY.

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