NOODLE FITNESS CREATIONS – Minds explode with creativity during this partner challenge

Noodle fitness creations is a challenge I often use at the beginning of the year, usually as an instant activity. I like to randomly partner up students reminding them about the importance of being able to work with each and every classmate.

The Challenge

How many exercises can you and your partner create using 1-2 noodles?

This part of the challenge can last anywhere from 5-10 minutes. During this time I’ll filter around the gym seeking cooperation and active engagement. I’ll ask each pair about their creations. Specifically, which body parts their exercises are targeting. The next part of the challenge involves sharing. Each set of partners is tasked with teaching their best creations to another pair and vice versa.

I always enjoy watching the creative minds of my students in action. Each time I present an activity like noodle fitness creations, it’s inevitable that I’ll see something new. For this reason, I will often charge my students will similar challenges with vague guidelines, forcing them to combine their creative juices. Never underestimate the minds of our students!

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