That Flipping Cone Challenge can be used as an instant activity, a station, or even played by students who are on the sideline due to injury.

********I actually call it the CONE FLIP SHOWDOWN!*********

The setup is simple:

  • Place half the number of large cones as there are students around the gym.
  • Students each get a medium size cone,
  • Two students go to each large cone.
  • When the music begins, each student tries to be the first to flip the medium cone onto a large cone. The first to do it wins the round.
  • After each round, students shake hands.
  • The winner celebrates with 5 jumping jacks.
  • Each player finds a different classmate to challenge.

I usually play this game with fourth grade and up as an instant activity lasting 5-7 minutes. As the students are playing I always circulate around the gym seeking examples of good sportsmanship. Remember, after each round students shake hands or give knuckles to show appreciation for each other.

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