ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS Baseball – No Equipment Necessary – Plus a bonus game

Many of my favorite games are ones that require little or no equipment. These games are perfect for instant activities, where the students see the game on a screen or whiteboard and immediately take action. Have you ever gone through your lesson and realized you still have a few minutes left in class? Activities with limited equipment are perfect “back pocket” games you can quickly pivot to in such situations.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Baseball is a popular instant activity and a game I always keep in my back pocket. It has all the ingredients required for my students:

  • Simple and engaging
  • Action-packed
  • Limited setup
  • FUN!

I play Rock, Paper, Scissors Baseball both inside and outside.


I place one cone in each corner of the room for the bases. However, you really don’t even need cones. Corners of the room work just fine.

How to play:

  • Determine which cone or corner is the first base.
  • All students begin at home base. For larger classes, you can divide the students into four groups. Send each group to a different corner. Wherever a student begins determines their home base.
  •  Play rock, paper, scissors, against another player.
  • If you win, advance to the next base. If you lose, stay at the base and find a different player to challenge.
  • How many times can you make it all the way around the bases?

BONUS GAME – Rock, Paper, Scissors Baseball – Fitness Edition

This version requires a little more setup as seen in the video. Choose four exercises, one for each base. Students perform the exercise while playing RPS. It’s not perfect, especially the squats, but it engaging for the students and a whole lot of fun to watch.

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