CYLINDERCISING – Instant activity promoting teamwork, creativity, and exercise

I use cylindercising as an instant activity. Students enter the gym and on the screen they see the following:

I’ll match up partners as they enter and off they go to retrieve one foam cylinder and an open space. As I filter throughout the gym, I’m never disappointed in the communication, excitement, an overall creativity exploding from the minds of our students. The enthusiasm when it’s time to share their cylindercises goes unmatched.

I’ve used cylindercising with students in first grade through 5th grade. No matter which grade level, the results are the same. Students are having fun, working together, and exercising.

If foam cylinders are not in your PE equipment room there are other options. Other possibilities include:

  • swim noodles (long or cut into segments)
  • plastic cones
  • foam discs
  • gator balls
  • foam dice

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