Feed the Frogs is another fun throwing game which includes throwing, striking, strategy, shooting, and fun. I play this game with 1st-5th grades. It’s based off the game Oscar the Grouch where students attempt to throw balls into the opposing team’s garbage can. In Feed the Frogs the flies that land inside the mats remain there instead of a student or two standing inside the circle of mats as they do in Oscar the Grouch who are charged with emptying the trash as balls enter. Feed the Frogs adds a few more exciting elements to the game, creating more action for every student.

What you’ll need for set-up:

  • 10-20 small cones
  • 6 medium-large cones
  • 4 mats
  • 4 swim noodles
  • 4-6 medium size dice
  • 8-10 foam paddles
  • 20+ fleece or gator balls for throwing

How to Play:

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