TOSS 12! and TOSS 12! TURBO – Game of the Week

Toss 12 is another Trinty School classic. We play this game with first-grade all the way through sixth grade. It’s a great game focusing on rolling and underhand throwing fundamentals, teamwork, and strategy.

TOSS 12!


  • 2 Hula Hoops
  • 2 Fleece Balls or any other ball that works for you
  • 2 Bowling Pins or Foam Cylinders

How to Play:

Space two hula hoops 10-15 feet away from each other. Age and ability determine the distance. Place one cylinder in each hoop. I play either one versus one or two versus two. For 2 v. 2, teammates stand behind the same hoop. One team begins with both balls. Each ball is rolled toward the opposing team’s hoop. The goal is to score exactly 12 points by rolling the ball into the hoop and/or knocking over the cylinder.


  • 1 point- ball stops inside the hoop/cylinder remains standing
  • 2 points – cylinder falls/ball stops outside the hoop
  • 3 points – cylinder falls AND the ball stops inside the hoop
  • Players must score EXACTLY 12 points to win. For example, if a player has 10 points and rolls a 3-pointer, the score remains 10 points since he went over 12 points.

TOSS 12!

Toss 12 Turbo!

Toss 12 Turbo is a cooperative challenge. The goal is for partners to score 12 points as quickly as possible by taking turns rolling the ball. I play this version to add more movement to the activity. For Toss 12 Turbo partners only need the following:

  • 1 Hula Hoop
  • 1 Fleece Ball
  • 1 Bowling Pin or Foam Cylinder
  • 1 Poly Spot

How to Play:

Place a cylinder inside a hula hoop. Drop a poly spot 10-15 feet away from the hoop. One partner begins on the poly spot with the ball. The other partner stands behind the hoop ready to retrieve the ball. The player with the ball rolls it toward the hoop. Both players then switch places. Players continue to alternate rolling the ball until they score exactly 12 points.


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