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Lucky Leprechaun’s March Fitness Challenge consists of three different workouts (white, yellow, purple) focusing on endurance, upper body, and lower body strength. As the month progresses, the time and/or number of repetitions for each exercise gradually increases. There is a built-in rest day every fourth day. Each rest day includes an additional non-fitness-related challenge.

Each student’s fitness level varies. Therefore, the guidelines on the calendar are not set in stone. With help from an adult, each of the exercises and/or repetitions and times can be adapted to appropriately challenge the student. For example, if a student doesn’t have a jump rope, he can jump with an “imaginary” jump rope. This will allow him to reap the healthy benefits of continuously jumping for the given amount of time. What if the number of repetitions for an exercise is too high on day one? If this is the case simply adjust the repetitions throughout the month. Never hesitate to contact the physical education department with any questions or comments regarding the challenge.

Click Lucky Leprechaun’s Fitness for access to the challenge!

Don’t forget to turn in your calendar at the end of the month!

Mark each day a workout (including the “rest day” challenge) is completed with a checkmark. At the end of the month, count up the total number of checks, then write that number on the bottom of the calendar where it says, “Total Days Completed.”

Calendars can be turned in to a PE teacher any day after March 31st.  All students who take part in Lucky Leprechaun’s March Fitness Challenge and return their calendar will receive an award certificate and a toe token. The names of the students who complete the challenge will be proudly posted outside the gym.

Students do NOT have to complete each day to receive a certificate. We understand that our students have busy schedules, or sometimes just forget to complete a workout. The goal is to have fun while getting fit!

Parents are encouraged to help and even participate in the workouts.

Your child may need a little guidance. We encourage parents to assist with form and necessary adaptations based on fitness level. Finally, students get so excited when parents and siblings participate in the challenge with them. What better way to lead by example and promote lifelong fitness!

Click Lucky Leprechaun’s Fitness for access to the challenge!

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