Roll in the NEW YEAR! New Year Challenge

Are you ready for the NEW YEAR? Do you and your students need the motivation to jump-start a new exercise regime? Then it’s time for the ROLL IN THE NEW YEAR fitness challenge for the month of January! Get back to some basic movements using a pair of dice. The Roll in the New Year fitness challenge consists of exercises ranging from strengthening the upper and lower body to increasing aerobic endurance. Here’s what the challenge entails:

Directions: Roll two dice and add the numbers together. The sum of the dice determines the exercise movement. Your workout should consist of at least 10 rolls of the dice. However, if you’re feeling extra motivated, roll a few extra times to intensify your workout!

Roll a 220 Star Jumps

Roll a 320 Speed Skaters

Roll a 410 Burpees

Roll a 510 Squat Jumps

Roll a 625 Skier Jacks

Roll a 725 Jumps (with a jump rope if possible)

Roll an 810 Plank-to-Low Squats

Roll a 95 Pushups

Roll a 1010 Hip Bridges

Roll an 1120 Calf Raises                                 

Roll a 1210 Crab Toe Touches  

Complete the ROLL in the NEW YEAR fitness challenge throughout the month of January. Using the calendar, write your initials for each day you complete a workout. At the end of the month, have your parents sign the bottom of the calendar, and return it to your PE teacher for an award certificate.

Click ROLL IN THE NEW YEAR for access to the challenge.

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