BRAIN and BODY BOOST – 25 Day Challenge

I’m sending my students into the summer break with the BRAIN and BODY BOOST 25-day challenge! The challenge includes 17 recommended physical activities along with “BRAIN BOOSTS”, which are specific ideas and variations for each physical activity.

Click BRAIN and BODY BOOST for access to the challenge.

The 17 listed activities are just the tip of the iceberg. Also included in the challenge is a BRAIN and BODY BOOST blank template. This allows children to add their own physical activities and associated brain boosts.

The BRAIN and BODY BOOST activity log allows children to track their progress throughout the 25 days. They can simply cross out each day the complete a BRAIN and BODY BOOST activity.

Finally, I’ve included an optional congratulatory certificate for participants to receive once they complete the challenge.

Although I choose to send this challenge home over the summer, it can actually be used ANYTIME!

Click BRAIN and BODY BOOST for access to the challenge.

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