SIX IN A ROW – Fitness-Based Board Game for the Classroom and Virtual Learners + 3 more board games

Last spring, when I was home searching for asynchronous lessons for my students, I had an epiphany. Why not create a fitness-based board game for students to play at home WITH their families. Having a bit more free time during the lockdown, I literally locked myself into my office and created four such games. One was called SIX IN A ROW. 

SIX IN A ROW is a combination luck and mostly skill. By rolling the dice and completing a variety of exercises and skill challenges, players try to be the first to cover six squares in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally with their included game chips. See all rules below. 

The game was a hit with my students and families. Check it out! Add to your classroom or asynchronous lesson plans.  

If you’d like a copy of SIX IN A ROW or 3 other Keeping Kids in Motion board games, click the link below.

Click SIX IN A ROW for a copy of the game!

Other Keeping Kids in Motion board games include:

The Color Dash

Double Trouble Solitaire

Scrabble Rush


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