Are you making “Kudos Calls” to Parents?


I have an extremely rewarding goal this year as an educator. It’s gratifying for me, my students, and my students’ parents. The goal is simple. Make a minimum of five “kudos calls” per week. A kudos call is a phone call to parents celebrating their child with specific praise. It’s a way to check-in with parents to maintain open communication. I make kudos calls when my students demonstrate any of the following:

  • extra effort
  • exemplary sportsmanship
  • noticeable interest in a skill or activity
  • improvement in a skill
  • good deeds both in and out of PE
  • improvement in behavior
  • unique skills or characteristics
  • participation in an early morning program
  • well thought-out insight during class discussions
  • blossoming leadership

Often, kudos calls catch parents off guard.  They may notice the school phone number on caller ID and immediately assume something physically happened to their child, or it’s a call regarding misbehavior. To combat this, I immediately begin a kudos call by stating something like, “Good morning! This is Coach Cahill.  I would like to share something positive regarding (insert student’s name).”  This generally puts the parent at ease.

Kudos calls not only make parents proud, they provide a snapshot of their children’s day they otherwise would not know. The fact that a teacher has taken time to compliment their child, fosters a positive parent-teacher rapport. In many instances, a simple kudos builds lasting connections with parents. Kudos calls invariably trickle down to the students. Parents can’t wait to share the phone conversation with their child. In effect, this will often motivate the students, and demonstrate that you, the teacher, are dedicated to their emotional, physical, and social success. Recognizing even the smallest triumphs can bring herculean happiness to your students and parents.

Click Kudos Calls for a copy of the simple form I use to document my Kudos calls.

Now pick up the phone and make a kudos call!

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