Motivate Your Class With a Meaningful Quote and Image

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Have you ever needed an idea or a visual to help set the tone for a class, running club, or any other group?  Recently, my colleague, Jedd Austin (@jeddaustin), found the above quote and photograph from American photographer, artist, and director Chase Jarvis.  Following an instant activity during our running club, we gathered our runners and asked them to reflect on the quote and image for 1 minute.  Our more than 100 1st-6th grade students suddenly became very quiet.  You could almost hear their minds at work.  Then, slowly, hands began to go up as our gang wanted to share their insight.  This meeting, although brief, was extremely powerful for our club.  We immediately began to notice increased effort. Students  were less likely to give up during our challenging workout of the day.  At least for this day and this workout, kids were inspired.  It is our hope that both the visual and discussion, will continue to encourage our runners.


Find a quote and set the tone for your group!

Next week’s quote:


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  1. Using a meaningful quote and image can be a powerful way to motivate your class. A great quote can inspire students to be their best selves and achieve their goals, while a visually appealing image can capture their attention and help them focus. Whether it’s a famous saying from a historical figure or a personal motto that resonates with you, a well-chosen quote can set the tone for a positive and productive learning environment. Adding an image that complements the quote can make the message even more impactful. So go ahead and find that perfect quote and image to motivate your students!

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