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Gratitude Bundle – 3 Activities for the Season of Thankfulness

Teaching, reinforcing, and modeling gratitude to our kids and students is essential. After all,  people who often feel grateful and appreciative are happier, less stressed, and less depressed. According to mindfullittleminds.com, gratitude for kids can be a very powerful tool, with lots of benefits to… Continue Reading “Gratitude Bundle – 3 Activities for the Season of Thankfulness”

November’s PLANKS-GIVING Fitness Challenge

Are YOU ready for the (click for calendar)Planks-Giving Challenge? This menu is chock full of delicious exercises ready to be consumed by your students, families, and even your faculty and staff! Anyone interested would simply need to print out the Planks-Giving calendar to use as… Continue Reading “November’s PLANKS-GIVING Fitness Challenge”

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