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10 Surefire games for PE – limited equipment, loads of fun!

The best games for me are the ones with limited equipment and little setup. A quick setup means quick takedown which means faster transitions. Also, with less equipment, there is usually less explanation and rules. Ultimately, this is what’s best for students, more movement…

10 Games – 2 “Must-Have” Pieces of Equipment for PE

We all have our favorite pieces of equipment used for our physical education classes. I documented mine in a previous post called,┬áMy 10 Favorite Pieces of Equipment for Primary PE. My list is growing and I’d like to pay homage to two items I…

10 Simple RELAY RACES for YOUR Students

Relay Races are be a quick and easy way to promote teamwork, active participation, integrity and fun. One of the keys to a successful relay is group size. Depending on the relay, limit the number of students per team to maximize movement and excitement….

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