RELOJ – A Long Rope Challenge From PERU

Each year our international games unit continues to be a student favorite. We search for popular activities from around the globe, then introduce them to our students. This year we played a long jump rope game called RELOJ, which is a Spanish word for clock.

RELOJ is based on the twelve numbers on a clock.

Watch the video and see the written instructions below the video.

Competitive Version

  • Create groups of 6-8.
  • 2 students turn the rope while the rest of the group lines up to take turns jumping.
  • The first jumper enters the turning rope and says, “one o’clock.” After jumping the rope one time, the jumper exits the rope.
  • The second jumper immediately enters saying, “two o’clock,” jumps twice then exits.
  • This continues all the way to twelve o’clock.
  • If a jumper fails to jump the rope then he/she is out and the next jumper enters the rope picking up with the same number the previous jumper was unable to complete.
  • If there are still multiple jumpers remaining after twelve o’clock, then the game goes back to one o’clock and continues until there is one person left.
  • Change rope turners after each round.

Cooperative Version

  • The setup is the same as the competitive version.
  • The goal is for the group to go from one o’clock to twelve o’clock.
  • If a jumper misses, then he/she takes over for one of the rope turners. The next time a jumper misses, he/she replaces the other turner.

I played this game with my 4th and 5th-grade students. It’s imperative that your students have previous experience turning a long rope with a steady and smooth rhythm as well as jumping in and out of the turning rope. Don’t try to teach them to run before they’re able to walk.

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